Lusikisiki Regional Water Supply Scheme Hydrogeological Site Characterization and reserve quantification.

AGES was appointed to evaluate the groundwater resources within the the Lusikisiki study area and to identify the best possible sources to perform sustainable groundwater augmentation from. Groundwater sources are to be used in areas of considerable distance from the planned Zalu Dam and where topography is unfavourable for pipeline infrastructure.   Where high yielding groundwater sources exist, they should also be linked into the planned bulk water reticulation network. Geohydrological focus was to be placed on finding the optimum augmentation volume that is available from groundwater to assist in the final sizing of the proposed Zalu Dam. Previous feasibility study outcomes should be incorporated by including production boreholes already drilled and by addressing rural areas outside the reach of the existing bulk water infrastructure in terms of groundwater potential through a phased approach. It was stated that finding the final balance between groundwater and surface water use will require the evaluation of different cost scenarios.