Groundwater Management Plan For the Amatole District Municipality

AGES was appointed by the Amathole District Municipality (ADM) as the first step towards developing a Groundwater Management Plan (GMP) Framework. The appointment initially involved the compilation of groundwater data and information from available data sources to ultimately serve as input into the development of the GMP. It further involved creating and populating a basic database with data available from previous studies and audits towards preparing and implementing the GMP. AGES ultimately defined the GMP framework towards implementation. The initial phases towards implementing the GMP centres around the identification of critical, high yielding and high risk boreholes throughout the whole ADM on Local municipal level in conjunction with Area Managers and technical staff. The focus is further to implement the first stages of a regional groundwater monitoring network as well as water use authorization updating process through a training approach.
The document further serves as reference document to training sessions that were carried out and datasets delivered to the different Area Managers.